Meet Hugo

Meet Hugo

This is Hugo!

He came to live with us when he was 6 months old.


We went to meet him on a Tuesday evening and we loved him straight away! He ran up to us as soon as we arrived, we played for a while and we knew we wanted him to come live with us in that very instant! His family’s human baby was upset at the prospect of him leaving and while she was awake we knew he couldn’t leave with us so we went home without him with the promise of a phone call as soon as they were able to let us collect him.

All the way home I was convinced they’d call and repeated ‘we can turn round and go back if they ring right?’ ‘we can go back for him tonight can’t we?’ Even as we turned into our driveway I was convinced they’d call, but they didn’t. Until pug daddy had just gotten in the shower!!!! Yahoooooooo! Their little girl had finally relented and fallen asleep so we went straight back and brought our best boy home!

He brought fleas with him! He brought a lot of fleas with him! And we didn’t even realise until they’d already made themselves at home in our bedroom carpet! Yuk!! Sprays, powders, gels, shampoos and finally flea bombs and the little blighters had gone! I thought I’d done my research but no-where did it mention fleas! I bought a book after that, in fact I bought 2 books!

Hugo slept in our bedroom for the first 3 months and for those first 3 months we were woken at 3.10 am every. single. night! At first we thought he needed a wee, he was a good boy and told us when he needed to go outside so we (I!) got up and let him out, but going back to sleep after that was NOT allowed! It was like having a small hulk was in the bedroom with us as he tip-tapped from one side of the bed to the other, stretching up at the bed to see who would stop pretending to be asleep first! After realising that he didn’t really need a wee it was decided, with much protestation from me, that we should get him a crate to stop him wandering around the bedroom. I didn’t want to put my pug in a doggy prison!!!! The first night we got it he slept right through!! After all that research and 2 books we still didn’t realise that when he woke in the night and we ‘weren’t there’ he’d gotten frightened in the corner of the big scary room!


He’s a big boy now and he sleeps in his own room but he still gets up reeeallly early and tip-taps around banging cupboard doors and generally making a noise until someone gets up to make breakfast!!

Hugo’s a very friendly pug and he loved socialising at his obedience classes (but our teacher is on maternity leave right now) In our last class we were told he was the cleverest pug she’d ever met and he even got a rosette when he completed his Bronze Kennel Club Award!

He loves going for walks (but mainly so he can pee on stuff) and he loves his blue lion Kong toys (but Holly eventually rips their insides out!). He’s a very messy eater but he always cleans up any bits he’s missed at the end of his meals. He’s a little bit on the chunky side weighing in at around 10 kg and he sheds hair like nothing I’ve ever known before! He smells like popcorn when he’s clean and Doritos when he needs a bath! He doesn’t like kisses, giving or receiving, but he will give you a high five in exchange for chicken treats!


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