A Trip to The Deep

That time between Christmas and the New Year, when you don’t know what day it is and you’re sooo fed up of being couped up in the house (it’s not just me is it?) what do you do? We decided to take a trip to The Deep. Dory, Nemo, penguins and sharks what’s not to love!

a trip to the deep

As soon as we said we were going to see the fish Teddy ran for his coat and shoes! Bearing in mind how difficult he normally is to get out of the house this was a miracle! It still took a while to get us all ready and get going though obviously!

We got there just before dinner time and debated whether we should stop at the cafe, which is ideally placed so we could stop either at the beginning or at end of our visit. There was a lovely choice of hot and cold food for all ages and a microwave so we were able to warm Harry’s puréed carrot and parsnips too! There’s also toilets and changing facilities here but I’d recommend the ones near the entrance if you have a big pram or more than one child as they’re roomier there. 

The exhibition itself is divided into zones and there seemed to be something for everyone in all the zones. We’ve been a few times and enjoy looking at the tropical fish in the Lagoon of Light and the neon looking jelly fish in the Cool Seas zone but today Teddy loved watching the fish being fed! We stood at the side of the huuuuge tank and watched under water as the diver waded through to feed the magnificent black pacu, an enormous vegetarian relative of the piranha and three different types of catfish, there were rays too that we spent some time watching as they flicked the sand around purposefully. There are quite a few points on the way round that you can view the big (and by big I mean massive!) tank and we stopped at every one! Just standing and watching the fish was definitely high point for Teddy!

We stopped by to see the penguins too as you can watch them from the surface and under water too! Teddy loved watching them whoosh by! Last time we were there we watched them feeding too which was a real treat!

Then it was on to the tank with the shark in! Teddy’s favourite! He was getting a bit grumpy by this point (wish we’d stopped for food on the way in now!) but he perked up when we went through the tunnel and the shark swam straight towards us and then over the top. Cue me singing baby shark do do do do do do! I’m going to be such an embarrassing mum when he’s older!

Harry and I finished our trip with a ride in the scenic lift whilst Tom and Teddy took the stairs. Both the lift and stairs made us feel like we were in the tank! The lift stopped half way for a minute or two and there are viewing stations as you climb the stairs! A great way to end the tour!

We stopped off at the cafe on the way out and then the gift shop where Harry got a penguin rattle and Teddy picked a beanie turtle which Holly has had her eye on since we got back!

I bought our tickets in the car on the way there, saving 10%, and our ticket lasts a whole year for as many visits as we like! We only paid for 2 adults as children under 3 are free too!

An amazing day out, and many more fun filled free days out! We loved it!


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