Dog Jog

I used to be a runner, I’d love to say I AM a runner but sadly pregnancy has taken it’s toll! Not much of an excuse when Paula Radcliffe beat me in a race when she was 6 months pregnant but it’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!

The only time I run these days is when Virtual Runner have a Dog Jog, a race you take your dog to!

You run on your own, whenever you want (within the timeframe), record your time and send proof to Virtual Runner to claim your medal! This months medal is a pug so of course we had to run! Pugs don’t run that well but luckily it’s called a dog jog so we’re fine!

After a snowy winter and a year of nothing more than gentle walking it’s been a pleasure to have an ‘excuse’ to get out for a big wander round the local park, and then get a shiny reward for doing so!! You can go as slow or as fast as you like and for this particular race you can go as far (or not) as you like!

If you fancy taking part you’ve still got time, the race is open for the whole of April and there are still some spaces left! Visit Virtual Runner for more details!


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