Looking for the Loch Ness Monster

You can’t go all the way up to Scotland and not visit Loch Ness! The fact that we’ve been here twice before already doesn’t really matter of course because you never know when you might catch a glimpse of the Loch Ness Monster!

We drove all the way round the Loch, which is about 60 miles I think, and stopped here at Dores Beach.  It’s the only place, that we’ve found anyway, where you can actually dip your toes in the waters of the loch!


I think Hugo’s spotted the monster!

We walked along the pebble beach, about half way because Hugo and Holly pull like sled dogs and that was more than enough for them, and then we returned to the shallow inlet for a paddle!

Hugo doesn’t normally like going near the water and in the past hasn’t wanted to go in the Loch but he loved it this time and ran straight in and got himself soaked! It was lovely to see him enjoying himself so much! Holly absolutely loves it here and would have dived in and gone looking for the monster all by herself if we’d let her!


Holly loved the ducks! And bizarrely the ducks loved Holly, they followed us as we walked along the shoreline and then all the way back!

I took a lot of photos both of Hugo and Holly, and just of the Loch but didn’t manage to get any of the monster! Better luck next time!


The fresh air and the long beach walk tired them out and they slept like this most of the way home!


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