Mountain Rescue Pug

No trip to the Scottish Highlands is complete without a mountain hike and whilst pugs aren’t exactly built for mountains or for hiking we deciding we’d give it a go!


Ready Set Go!

It took a few tries, the first day was beautiful at sea level but at the top of the mountain the wind was so fierce that I imagined poor Holly to end up like a kite on the end of her pretty lead! The second day we attempted it though we were blessed with the same beautiful blue skies but a serene calmness that just urged you to spend the day walking in the wilderness!


No rain today! Or any day this week!

We stopped half way around the mountain to take in the beautiful views, and to catch our breath! Hugo found a huge rock to sit on and as he surveyed the land a couple of European tourists passed us on the path.  We nodded hello and they smiled at Hugo sitting proudly on his rock and I said ‘Mountain Rescue Pug’! They laughed and said something, in German I think, and then repeated Mountain Rescue Pug, and laughed again! It really made me smile at how much happiness a little pug brings not just to me but to everyone around him!


My very own Mountain Rescue Pug!

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  1. 9th November 2016 / 6:26 pm

    I’d love to be rescued by a pug!!

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