Pug meet!

Every month, in a town about 90 minutes from where we live, there’s a pug meet! I’ve know about it for a while now but the thought of a 3 hour round trip with 2 rambunctious pugs didn’t really appeal to me!

This year, as part of Holly’s behavioural training, we decided we should give it a try, regardless of the long drive.

Holly doesn’t really get along with other dogs and goes into protective mode whenever she’s around them. She runs at them, or circles me, all the while barking, so we really want to help her become less anxious around other dogs.

Hoping that the 90 minute drive there would tire her a little, we set off! I think I was more excited than they were, and they’re ALWAYS excited when we go on a car journey, even if they don’t know where we’re going!

Their harnesses and seatbelts don’t seem to stop them from pulling to be in the front with me so inevitably I always end up in the back, with them all squished up beside me or on my knee. We’ve hopefully found a solution to this in the form of a booster seat dog bed! A car crate doesn’t work for them, Holly, like her mama, gets travel sick so she needs to feel secure and the padded booster seat may be the answer! I’ll let you know how we get on with it once it arrives!

Perhaps because of the early spring sunshine, we arrived to a very busy car park, but, despite the sunshine, it was still a very muddy car park! Wellington boots for the humans and fun times ahead for the pugs!

pug meet 2

Crazy Pug Lady has chicken! Go, go go!

The meet gathers at the same spot every month and then wanders down through the park to a large open meadow, where the pugs can go off-lead! At the meeting point Holly was a little stressed and we had a few barks but, strangely, only at the brother from another mother dogs…that is, anything that wasn’t a pug! We let both Hugo and Holly off their leads once we got to the meadow, and Holly was absolutely, quite bizarrely, most surprisingly, fine! She was fine! No barking at all! She merrily sniffed her way around the pugs and people, she enjoyed a few free treats, she had her photo taken, she even got cuddles and still no barking! Hugo, meantime had spotted the large tree around which the group gathered so he was quite happy having a place to wee!

We met some wonderful pugs and their equally wonderful humans! We all had a fabulous time and we can’t wait for next month! In total it was about an hour before the group started to disperse and we all headed home. This time, I was allowed to sit in the front, whilst the well and truly pooped pugs snoozed in the back, and it was then that we decided it was a resounding success!

Thank you to Joanne for organising the events and to everyone else for making us feel so welcome and especially the other pugs for the endless pug hugs!

Holly knows her people and she LOVES them!


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