A Shopping Trip with Holly

Last week I bought Hugo and Holly new cooling vests! I think I love buying them new things more than I love buying myself new things!

We already had cooling coats but they’re a bit long and we tend to struggle to keep them on when running around so I was on the search for new ones. A few have been recommended but I really wanted something that I could try on them first as pugs are such a peculiar size and shape that nothing ever seems to fit!

I decided to look round Pets at Home the main Pet Superstore here in the UK, and found a Medium vest and a Medium bandana and took them home to try on! I also bought a new toy that was meant to be robust but Holly saw it off in a matter of minutes and it’s already in the bin! ‘Must kill the squeak’!


Hugo and Holly both normally wear Puppia vest harnesses, which go over the front legs and then fasten across the back, so as soon as I tried to do the same with the cooling harness they immediately thought we were going walkies and started bouncing about like maniacs! They like walkies! Unfortunately the Medium cooling vest wouldn’t even close around Hugo’s broad chest and only fastened about half way down Holly’s delicate frame so no walkies for anyone, except me, back to the shop!

This time I decided it would be best to take one of them to try the Large coat on before purchasing, and Pets at Home allow pets inside the shop so the next day Holly got her harness on and off we went in the car! Holly’s so well behaved on her own she has a doggie seatbelt and sits on the front seat and looks out of the window! She’s adorable!

We parked outside the shop and Holly was extra excited as she didn’t really know where we were going! Plus I had treats! It was so cute watching her as we entered the shop, the place must be full of new smells and sounds for a little pup so it was a real treat for me watching her as much as it was for her being there. We headed straight for the cooling coat aisle and as soon as we got there Holly decided she needed a wee! Right there! Oops! I’m sure some people would be embarrassed by this but I wasn’t, I thought that with all those new smells and such an exciting adventure it was either a nervous wee or a ‘Holly was here’ wee! Either way all it needed was a quick clean up and everything would be fine so off we tootled to find a member of staff that could point us in the direction of clean up materials! Unfortunately here the trip was spoiled a little by a member of staff with no manners or customer service training (or both!) so I reported it to another member of staff. cleaned the spill up myself and moved on.

Not to be deterred, we carried on with the trying on session but found a Medium was definitely too small and a Large, well, a large would have probably fit me! I know pugs are a funny size and shape but poor little Hugo and Holly were absolutely no where in-between these sizes!

After the trying on session proved fruitless I decided to go ahead and order the hurtta ones because actually they look the most like their harnesses and would probably be the most comfortable. I measured both Hugo and Holly in accordance with hurtta’s guidlines and ordered through Fetch (who are part of Ocado). A few days later I remembered why I don’t like ordering things for them online, both harnesses were waaay too big (despite measuring Hugo and Holly twice!) and the debacle to try return them was almost not worth the hassle!

For the time being, in this warmer weather, we’ve settled for shorter walks and taking time to enjoy the cooling mats when we get home, as Hugo demonstrates so beautifully!

If anyone has any recommendations for cooling jackets or vests we’d love to hear about them in the comments below!



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