Vet Visit

Holly went to the vets for her booster injections today.

Holly doesn’t like visiting the vets.

At all!

Vet Visit

I prepared chicken treats before we left the house as we always need these as a distraction technique while we’re in the waiting room. She’s very intelligent and knew we were going somewhere as soon as I started cutting the chicken so she ran to her lead and then back to me and back to the lead until I’d finished!

With her harness on and ready to go she jumped into the car, I fastened her in with her special seat belt, and we were off.

The traffic was better than I expected so we arrived about 10 minutes early, which wasn’t good, we don’t want any waiting time! We wandered around the car park for a while and then headed into the vets. Luckily there weren’t many people in there but the two dogs right by the reception desk meant that the poor woman checking us in had to ask 3 times who we were because she couldn’t hear over Holly’s barks! She must be new, the lady that’s normally there knows us by sight (and sound!). I met her whilst out shopping last week and she asked actually asked how Holly was!

Vet Visit

Holly’s first vet visit!

We sat as far away from the other dogs as we could, unfortunately that meant we were right opposite the door and therefore able to bark at every dog, cat and rabbit that came in!

Holly’s an anxious dog anyway but the vets waiting room and all the other dogs there make her even more anxious so she barks, she barks at anything and anyone. The senior vet came out and joked she was very scary with that big loud bark as she lunged at him with her tail wagging in a very friendly manner!

Our vet, Michael, is amazing with her. He knows I get anxious about her being anxious and he knows how hard I’m working to help her. We’d had a dirty look from another customer as we sat waiting and I felt so awful that when he came to call us in he could probably see the relief on my face at being able to escape the drama!

As soon as we got into the consultation room Holly calmed down, which is probably quite the opposite to any other dog! She sat quietly on the table while Michael checked her ears and teeth and asked after her general health. He didn’t weigh her as she’d been weighed a few weeks earlier and was fine so he got the injection ready and Holly sat like a good girl while he found an appropriate wrinkle! She didn’t move an inch and even looked up at him trying to lick his face as the injection was going in! She’s braver than me!

She sat still in the car all the way home and when we got back she snuggled up and went straight to sleep. She slept for at least an hour with only a few wriggles, jiggles and readjustments. I knew she’d wake up if I moved from her side so I got everything ready (MacBook, tv remote, tea and biscuits!) before we settled down!

She’s just eaten her tea (chicken!) and seems a little perkier now, she’s out in the garden with Hugo  running jumping and sniffing things.

She’s such a lovely girl <3


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