Weekend Walkies

Every Saturday or Sunday we go for a weekend walkies, and today’s was so big that we went there in the car!

Hugo and Holly get so excited when we start getting ready, and today was no different, I just had to open the car door and they jumped in! They know what the word ‘walkies’ means that’s for sure!

They don’t have a crate in the car as Holly gets travel sick so they sit on a booster on the back seat and they each have a seatbelt that clips to their harness to keep them safe.

This weekend we went to our local park. Its only a few minutes away but Hugo and Holly tire themselves out so much that if we don’t go in the car we have to carry them home!

Today we met another pug! We love meeting other pugs and their owners! They had a run around together for a while which was lovely to watch because pugs absolutely love the company of other pugs! Then we enjoyed a long walk around the park, with lots of running from tree to tree, jumping through the left over autumn leaves and, in Hugo’s case, weeing on everything in sight!

After a big weekend walkies Hugo and Holly like nothing better than to snooze the afternoon away so we had a lovely lazy afternoon with plenty of Sunday pug hugs!


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