Bath Time!

Holly is a real water baby! The first time we went to Scotland with her she rushed at the edge of the first loch we visited and dived in! She’s been the same ever since! She’s even dipped her paws in Loch Ness!

This love of water means bath time is a joy for Holly!

Bath time is at least once a month in the summer. In the winter, when we go for muddy walks or come back from the beach all soggy and sandy, it’s definitely more often! I sometimes think the best part of a walk for Holly is knowing she gets to go in the bath when we get back! She rushes into the house and is half way up the stairs to the bathroom before you know it!


Hugo is definitely not a fan of bath time! Which is actually quite unfortunate because he tends to need more baths than Holly! The little stinker! However he does love getting dried! He bites the towels and runs away doing zoomies on the landing!



Before bath time I gather everything I know I’ll need like gentle dog shampoo, cotton wool pads (for cleaning and drying nose wrinkles), towels and microfibre pet mits.

Once they’re in they both get soaped up, a good wash, rinse, another wash and another really good rinse. I try make sure there’s not a speck of shampoo left on there but Hugo is usually bored by this point and sits down! He’s ready for the drying games long before we are!

You might have seen the microfibre pet mit we use to dry them on our Instagram stories. Holly dries fairly easily but Hugo has a double coat and takes FOREVER to dry using an ordinary towel! Plus I always get covered in excess water and hair! We found this pet mit on Amazon and it’s truly amazing! We bought two so you can wear one on each hand for easier handling and quicker drying!

Let us know if you’ve tried a pet mit or if you do anything different in your bathtime routine that we could try! Don’t forget to tag us in your bathtime photos over on Instagram!


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