A Trip to Normanby Hall

Before Teddy turned one last year I decided I wanted us to start a birthday tradition. I wanted us to share moments our boys will remember, not just give toys they’ll foget, so we arranged a trip to Normanby Hall for Teddy’s birthday and had so much fun!

Teddy’s birthday is in December, two weeks before mine, and last year we went to an aquarium, and by chance met Guy Martin whilst there! We talk about that trip all the time so this year I knew I wanted to do something again!

I’d read about Normanby Hall in a newspaper article last year so looked them up through their Instagram page to see what was going on this year. There was one amazing thing that attracted us and meant we were definitely going there for Teddy’s birthday this year!

Travelling anywhere with a toddler and a baby isn’t easy and most trips I need 17 bags and a goat herder but today seemed to go relatively smoothly! Just the one backpack {we use this one from amazon} coats and hats and good old Andy’s Adventures on the iPad and we were ready for our trip to Normanby Hall.

We arrived about dinnertime, which was unfortunate as the small cafe was full and the hot chocolates looked amazing! We’d taken supplies for the boys though so we headed straight to the Hall to get warm by the big open fire and have photos taken by the huge Christmas tree! Teddy wanted to go upstairs but we had the tandem pram so didn’t get chance. If you want to visit Santa or have your face painted you can call at the gift shop to pay first but Teddy isn’t really old enough for that yet.

The staff in the house were absolutely amazing (I actually can’t remember the last time a place was so accommodating to us with a tandem pram, a very independent toddler and baby so a huge thank you to them!) One especially lovely lady took a photo of us all in front of the gorgeous staircase! I think it’s the first one I have of us all together!

Once we’d warmed up we headed back outside for the main attraction! The deer feeding! I’ve been to a few parks and country estates with deer but here they feed the deer close to the fence (you can walk through the public areas January to September but October is the start of rutting season so the area is then closed and you can see them through the fence) They were feeding on sugar beet and were quite comfortable being this close to the fence.

a trip to normanby hall

I told Teddy they were Santa’s reindeer! We talked about them being called deer and what they were eating and how big their antlers were. He doesn’t really understand Christmas yet but it was sweet to see him quietly watching and waving!

a trip to normanby hall
a trip to normanby hall

The grounds are huge and we can’t wait to go back in the summer to explore the play area and splash pad and the woodland walk! It’s dog friendly too so Hugo and Holly will be able to join us next time we go!


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