Baby Hand Prints

Baby Hand Prints

When Teddy was just a few weeks old I wanted to put his hand print on a tiny canvas I had. I wanted to create a keepsake and remember how tiny his hands were when he’s older.

I went and bought some non toxic paint got some wipes ready and waited until Teddy was in a deep sleep.

Trying to uncurl his tiny hand was difficult enough but once I had I then tried to paint his palm before pressing it onto the cute little canvas.

First of all, do babies ever fall into a deep sleep? As soon as I touched Teddy’s hand he stirred! As I was trying to paint his hand he was waving it around trying to settle himself! I got blue paint on his baby grow and the hand print I got is more of a smudge!

Of course, I’m keeping it anyway because it’s his first piece of art work but it’s definitely not a hand print!

So back to the drawing board and how to get a print of Teddy’s teeny tiny hand?

By chance I discovered @atria_decor on Instagram and they produce a much more beautiful version of what I wanted and in a much less messy way!

They sent me a special colourless wipe and special paper that makes the whole taking a print job so much easier! I emailed a photograph of the prints back and within a few days I’d received my foiled print in the post!

It was packaged so perfectly and when I opened it I actually cried happy tears it was that beautiful!

I’ll always have a story to tell about trying to print it myself but I’m so glad we now have a beautiful gold foil print of Teddy’s teeny tiny hand!

I love supporting small independent businesses and this is definitely one of my favourites!


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