Baby Bedtime Routine

Baby Bedtime Routine

We started a new sleep/feeding routine for Teddy last week and he seems to be taking to it quite well.

Up until now he’s fed and slept on demand but nearing 3 months I felt he needed a little structure to his days (and nights!)

We’re following the pre-routine at bedtime and roughly following the 7-11-3-7 routine for feeding, both from the Truly Happy Baby book. Our day now starts at 7am (pleasant change from 5am!) with milk for Teddy and Shreddies with warm milk and brown sugar for me!

After breakfast it’s whatever takes our fancy until a nap from 9 until 10.30. Usually washing Teddy’s bottles while he watches from his bouncer interspersed with random bursts of song and silly dances to keep him entertained and giggling, then, if we’re not at baby group, maybe some tummy time and a story before his nap.

More milk at 11 with a longer nap from 12 until 2 when I can usually fit in some housework, a load of washing (it’s amazing how a small person creates so much washing!), some dinner for myself and maybe cuddles for Hugo and Holly!

More milk at 3pm followed by some baby gym time (not as strenuous as it sounds!)  or maybe a walk if it’s nice out and a small half hour nap at 4.30.

Teddy’s view on our walk!

5 until 7 is playtime then daddy time then winding down before bed time. We don’t do bath time every day yet but when we do this is when bath time will be. More milk at 7 with a story and he’s usually asleep by 7.30!

A feed at 11pm and another at 3am sometimes with some shushing involved to get him back to sleep! Then we start all over again at 7am!

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That’s quite the busy schedule he has but it works for us! Previously being led by Teddy’s demand we saw a lot of small feeds and short naps which was particularly hard through the night! Now we have just one feed during the night and a sleep-in in the morning!


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