Teddy is a pre teether. He’s exploring the world by putting everything in his mouth and he’s enjoying the sensation on his gums.

I made him a beautiful teether before he was born and it’s recently come into its own! Teddy can now reach for, grab and hold things and it’s the perfect size for his little hands and for putting in his mouth. The beads are silicone and feel like a spongey rubber so soft enough to bite on without hurting his gums and the wooden ring being a little harder means there are different shapes and textures when he’s exploring new things!

I also have some beautiful necklaces that Teddy loves to fiddle with when feeding which I’ve actually worn long before Teddy was grabbing at things or teething because I love how they look so much! You can find more of these gorgeous necklaces for sale in our new shop! Click the SHOP link at the top of the page!
The little wooden rings are a great addition to homemade teethers, or even on their own. I added home sewn ‘bunny ears’ to one of mine for a great texture teether too! We’ve had these for a while and they’ve been washed numerous times so the soft texture of the flannel and terry cloth goes well with the wooden ring.

It’s also a good idea to carry antibacterial wipes (as well as ordinary baby wipes) so if any of our teether toys are dropped we can clean them straight away. We found this out the hard way when all of Teddy’s toys ended up on the floor!

Let us know how you’re getting on with your teething journey, any hints or tips gratefully received! Let us know what you think of our new shop too! Any necklace colour combinations you’d like to see in there?


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