Book of the Month – Raising Boys

Book of the Month – Raising Boys

I’d heard of this book before I was even pregnant with Teddy and it always intrigued me. A bit like the Life Changing Magic of Tidying I wondered who needed a book to learn to do something people have done for centuries. But still it intrigued me.

I came across it again in Waterstones when Teddy was about 4 months old and I immediately knew I wanted to read it. And what a great read! I’m only around a third of the way through but I already know it’ll stand me in good stead for the future raising my son to be a kind, caring, well rounded man and an upstanding member of the community.

I love the idea of it taking more than mum and dad to raise a boy and the wider family, friends and the community you live in all taking a role. When your teenage son won’t listen to a word his dad says but will accept the exact same advice from your best friend of the same age. Or when they have no interest in weeding the garden or mowing the lawn for pocket money but gladly help the retired neighbour on his allotment.

Our families are spread across the country and we don’t have them to fall back on so we’ll definitely need friends and the local community. Advice like this has kept me reading and I know it’s a book I’ll hang on to and dip in and out of as Teddy grows up.

I hope you enjoy it too!


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