Book of the Month : Baby Play for Every Day

Each month I’d like  to share a book we love with you. Our books will be on a range of topics and I hope you’ll regularly find one that you might love too!

This month’s book is called “Baby Play for Every Day 365 Activities for the First Year” and, as you’d expect, it’s jam packed full of activity ideas for you and your baby.

As a new first time mum I had no clue how to entertain a growing baby but I’ve always loved DK books because they’re clear and concise and this one’s no exception.

The book is packed with 365 age appropriate activities divided into 12 sections. Each section starts by giving you an idea of the things your baby might be able to do at this age and then goes on to introduce you to a number of activities you can do with or for your baby to encourage their development.

Teddy absolutely loves The Grand Old Duke of York with the actions and it’s great seeing his reaction when you start singing! Of course you can sing nursery rhymes and play games you already know but if you like prompts to help you along on days you’re stuck then do take a look at this book.

I found it in a Waterstones store but it’s also available on Amazon.

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