Childhood Memory Journal

When Teddy was born we got a beautiful New Mama journal from Mama Journals to help keep us organised amongst the chaos of a new baby. It helped so much (and still is!) that I ordered a Childhood Memory Journal to record all the little things about Teddy that I thought I’d remember but was already forgetting just four months in!


I want to remember the special things like first smile, first tooth, first time he crawled, but I also want to remember the little things like how we felt the first time we went out, the time we made a footprint heart for Valentines Day or how he love love LOVEs his milk and has started recognising the bottle means milk and opening his mouth ready! There isn’t a milestone card for that! But there is most definitely space for it in our new journal!

There’s a beautiful introduction with ideas for making the most of your journal and throughout there are great prompts for things we might not have otherwise recorded, like what happened on our first day home, what the weather was like when we left hospital and how Teddy’s feeding and sleeping. One of my particular favourites is The Year You Were Born section where we’ve recored things happening in the world, the songs we loved and films we watched as well as the cost of things in 2017, the year Teddy was born. I know this will be a great one to look back on!

The first year is divided into months and then, from 1 year onwards, into years. I’m currently obsessed with development milestones and there’s a great section every month of the first year to record this. Our current development milestones are rolling over (although I think that might have been achieved a few weeks earlier if I hadn’t thought he was falling to the side when he was just trying to roll over!) and reaching for, grabbing and holding things. He particularly loves the dangly bunny legs on his Mamas and Papas bouncer and a bunny ears teether I made him and there’s even space to record that!

One of my other favourites is that there’s plenty of space for photos! I currently have 19,556 photos on my iPhone (that’s not a random number to exaggerate it’s the actual  number of photos!!) so as you can imagine photos often get forgotten about! I have a few particular favourites but photos like Teddy’s first bath had been taken and filed away with the other 19,555 photos! Now I have a folder on my phone called Journal and every month I put all the photos of Teddy from the previous month in the folder and then go through it to pick out my favourites to print and put in his memory book!

There’s also space for notes, pictures, lists or anything you want to add for that month. We’ve put Teddy’s footprint heart in there, something I really wanted to keep but knew it would eventually get replaced on the fridge and disappear without a trace, now I have it forever!

If you’re looking for a gift for a newborn baby or a newly expectant mama then this would be absolutely perfect! I cried happy tears when I first opened the box and flicked through the pages, it’s so beautiful!

We love supporting independent small businesses and this is definitely one of our favourites! You can find them on Instagram or their website. Go check them out and let me know what you think in the comments below!


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