4 Things Your Pug Wants for Christmas

I love Christmas! It helps that my birthday is three days before the big day so I get a double celebration of course! But more than receiving gifts I love giving! I love giving gifts to those I love, and that includes my pugs! I love seeing the look on their faces when they see something new or when they get the smell of a new toy for the first time. If you do too then read on, you’ll love this!


I’ve had my eye on this dog tee pee bed for Hugo and Holly for a while! There’s just something so cute about a dog sleeping in a tent that I can’t quite resist! Holly likes to feel safe when she’s sleeping and if I can help her feel safe then I’m happy. Of course this looks so much nicer than a crate in the corner of the room too! It’s on their Christmas list! Shhh!! You can check out other dog tee pee beds here.

This is one of Hugo and Holly’s favourites! They play tug with this one a lot and the legs and ears have stayed intact which is nothing short of a miracle! Plus they’ve yet to get the squeak out of it and it’s a good few months old now!

We bought a rabbit and a stag from the top of the Cairngorm Mountains but you can check out all the House of Paws tweed toys here or click on the photo to go straight to the rabbit!


I love this book! There’s everything in here from sit and stay to roll over and high five! We use it a lot for Holly who’s home trained so if you fancy topping up your obedience training or even having a go at home training you won’t go far wrong with this book.

Look out for it in a giveaway early next year over on our Instagram! If you can’t wait then find it here!



If you’ve seen our post Hugo’s Autumn Favourites  or you’ve popped over to our Instagram feed recently you’ll know how much Hugo loves his lion Kong cozie! We have 4 of them just in case any ever go astray! Holly however never really played with toys (except to steal them from Hugo and make him chase her!) but more recently she’s been bringing the small version of this Kong cozie in and sitting next to me on the sofa with it! They love to chew on the soft tail and the back is small enough to fit a small dogs mouth so they can carry it around easily. The large one is fine for Hugo too and looks so comical in photos, it’s almost as big as his head! I’m not sure if its the soft fur or the colour or what exactly attracts them but I do love that they love them so much!

Let us know what’s on your dogs Christmas list! Is there something they reeeally want (or that you reeeally want to get them!)?




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