Cotton Wool Snow Window Garlands

I’ve seen these fake snow garlands on Pinterest for the longest time and this year decided once and for all that I’d make one! They’re not as quick as the Christmas Wreath I made but it’s just as cheap and looks soooo good!


Cotton Wool Balls

Cotton Thread (or similar)

Long Needle



How To

Measure the the length of the drop you want to cover and cut a piece of cotton slightly longer (so you have space to tape at the top and bottom).

Thread the cotton onto the needle and start threading cotton wool on to the cotton. Try taping the top of the piece of cotton to the table to keep it in place while threading the cotton wool!

I started by using a whole cotton ball but found it looked much nicer, and fluffier, if I unrolled the cotton balls and cut them into 3 or 4 pieces then fluffed them up and thread them on like that.  You can see the difference between the first garland on the right and the last one on the left. Go with what works for you!


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