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Some time ago a good friend of mine gave me one of those cute little cardboard ‘suitcases’ for Christmas, the kind you can get from places like The Card Factory, and it was filled with lots and lots of little gifts! I had soooo much fun unwrapping each gift (yes she’d wrapped everything individually!) that ever since then I’ve tried to do the same for my other friends too! Stocking filler finds that everyone will love!

This year I’ve put together a little post about all the bits I’ve gathered for my gift boxes, (friends, look away now!!) and I’ll link to everything as I go along. There are definitely some stocking filler finds that everyone will love here!

Stocking Filler Finds Everyone Will Love

So, I’ll start of with some beauty bits and these Christmas crackers from Sainsburys. I do love to include some kind of gift cracker every year and these beauties have bath crystals, hand cream and nail files in! I found the Rudolph hand cream and nail file and the snowman bath bombs in Home Bargains and the Ted Baker soap, Sanctuary Spa candle and Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish cleanser in Boots. I use the cleanser myself and it smells ah-mazing!

I love adding a little gift soap each year too so you get that lovely clean smell when you open the box too! It reminds me of Christmas when I was younger when you felt so grown up getting posh soap!

I think these bits from The Body Shop might actually be my best buy this year! I cannot actually remember the last time I went into The Body Shop, probably way back when dewberry oil was all the rage but boy have I been missing out! I found a voucher I’d been given last year that I’d lost in the Christmas decorations box and popped in the other day to see if it was still valid and it was!! Whoop! I had Harry with me so couldn’t really stop and have a good look around but I spotted this body yoghurt straight away. It smells amazing and makes my skin feel so soft. I’ll definitely be going back for more of that!

Stocking Filler Finds Everyone Will Love

I know that’s not really a stocking filler but these amazing bath bombs are the perfect little treat! Teddy helped out with this shot so you can see the size of them, quite dinky but they pack some power! I used the strawberry one last night and a grapefruit one tonight and each of them filled the bath with colour and the most delicious scent! They’re about a third of the price of a Lush bath bomb too! Don’t get me wrong, I love a Lush bath bomb, but at around £4-£6 each they’re not for every day are they! These are £1.50 each! I know, bargain right!

Stationery is another good one for stocking fillers! Sainsbury’s is my fave for pretty stationery. These notebooks and the boxed pen are all from Sainsbury’s (can’t find them online though), the other pen is from Next £3 and is really pretty! Again I can’t find this online (which is unusual for Next) so must be just in store.

Stocking Filler Finds Everyone Will Love

The cute bears are an old H&M Home purchase and the light up star is available in store at The Range. The cute little wooden camera is an absolute bargain from eBay at under £4! I’ve linked to the user I bought from but you can just type in wooden toy camera to find them. The only thing I didn’t like was that the strap is one piece so I cut it and added a press stud for safety!

Not to be left out on Christmas morning, we picked up some bits from Pets at Home for Hugo and Holly too! Obviously! These were between £2 an £3 each! The fairy lights are actually phone chargers! £1 from Poundland!

Stocking Filler Finds Everyone Will Love

Fake plants are a big hit in my house! I honestly can’t decide if it’s because they’re so cute or because I manage to kill real ones! These little cuties are both from New Look! The dog plant sits on a little shelf in the boys bedroom and the zebra in the living room where it fits right into my new neutral/monochromes theme! I picked up the cute little cat and dog plaques for animal loving friends from The Card Factory!

Socks make such great stocking fillers don’t they? I love Christmas socks so much that these will be worn well into the new year! A pair for each of us from Asda!

I think these last few bits might actually be my favourites!

The white bunny was a gift for Harry when he was born from one of our good friends in Australia! The boys love it! We now have another white bunny, a dark grey and a light grey one too! Plus a big grey one another friend bought for Teddy! The Jellycat bunny love is real! They’re so soft and I mean soooooo soft that Teddy loves snuggling with them and they’re his usual choice for bedtime snuggles! One day we were sitting in the living room and he lined them all up on the floor then sat beside them with his cup of water and after he’d had a drink he turned and offered the bunnies some! My heart almost exploded!

The rose creams are from Aldi and I picked up some gin creams at the same time too! For a supermarket own brand chocolate range these taste amazing and they look so pretty too that they’re perfect for gifting!

Now last but not least is the glitter ball cup! I bought this for Teddy and he loves it! He doesn’t need any encouragement drinking water but for anyone that does then this would really help! At just £2 from Wilko I wish I’d bought more!

Well I’ve absolutely loved putting this little guide together, and taking the photos! I hope you’ve enjoyed it too!

What caught your eye? Or do you have any other great stocking filler finds to share?


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