3 Autumn Activities with Toddlers

Autumn is such a great season for all sorts of activities! Beautiful walks and splashing puddles, making dens and drinking hot cocoa, but one of our favourite is Autumn crafting on rainy days! I really wanted to share some of our faves with 3 autumn activities with toddlers.

Once we’ve had fun walking, splashing in puddles, and talking about what we’re collecting, I make sure everything is clean and dry and then prepare some crafts.

Autumn Wreath


Paper Plates


Dried autumn leaves or coloured in paper cut outs

Start by cutting the middle out of the paper plates! I left ours with a wide bit to stick the leaves on as Teddy loves spreading the glue!

Teddy spend ages covering the ring with glue which was probably his favourite part of this craft but the pva glue didn’t work as well as I’d have liked on the real leaves and I had to use the glue gun to make sure they stayed in place (it was fine with paper leaves though)

I helped him place the leaves around the wreath, showing him where and how and then he put them on himself (with a few adjustments as I was using the glue gun!!)

It’s a really simple but effective craft and we spent a lot of time talking about the process, about autumn and about colours on this one!

Fingerprint Tree


A smallish twig (a thin bendy one is best)


Glue gun

Toddler safe paint

I prepared for this craft by using a glue gun to stick the twigs to pieces of card the night before. The thinner bendier twigs stick better, the thicker ones do stick but they bend the paper.

Both boys enjoyed this craft although it does require help if you don’t want it to turn into a smudgy mess! a smudgy mess is also good though so play it how ever you want!

We used a water based paint pallet to avoid too much mess (my table and their faces were still covered in paint!) but for older toddlers you could use poster paints and this would look much more vibrant!

Leaf Family



Dried leaves/printed/coloured in ‘leaves’

Googly eyes

Craft glue

Not much explanation needed for this one really!

We stuck six leaves on the card in size order, bigger ones for mummy and daddy and smaller ones for Teddy, Harry, Hugo and Holly. then used the pva to glue the eyes on, this was Teddy’s favourite part! Harry joined in by crunching leaves and shaking some of the googly eyes I’d put in a sealed bag for him!

One of my favourites this year has been this leaf family and it now hangs in pride of place on the kitchen wall!

We even made one for Grandma and Grandad that included Teddy and Harry and sent it to them! Great for talking about grandparents if you can’t visit because of Covid restrictions and a lovely gift too to show you’re thinking about them!

Find more craft ideas here on our create page and here over on pinterest


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