4 Mother’s Day DIY Gift & Card Ideas

4 Mother's Day DIY Gift & Card Ideas

Who doesn’t love a home made card or gift when it’s your little one doing the making? I’m all over all the cute little homemade cards after their Rudolph hand print cards went down so well at Christmas so we’re sharing the cards we made for Grandma and Nana for and some DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas too!

Look at these super cute and extra easy pipe cleaner lavendar pots!

They’re are great for toddlers and for older children to make. Toddlers will enjoy picking out the green and purple pipe cleaners as you ask for each colour, they’ll love holding the green and winding the purple and then sticking them in the pot and they’re easy enough for a supervised make for older children too. Click on the photo to go to onelittleproject.com for the full tutorial!

Mother's Day DIY Gift Ideas

Handprint cards are great and we make and keep a few of these each year. One of Teddy and Harry’s Rudolph Christmas cards (where Teddy did the hand print and Harry did the eyes and nose!) is in each of their memory books and I’ll be keeping birthday and thank you cards they make for each other too! It’s great for seeing how they’ve grown each year!

For this year’s Mother’s day cards we picked up a few ideas from Pinterest like a multicoloured finger print heart made using a stencil, an easy make for younger children and babies, a volcano card with a lava hand print that said ‘I lava you a lot’ which looked great for boys and a foot print card that said ‘You’re toe-tally awesome’ which I really loved!

We’ve decided to go with hand print flowers so both boys can work on flowers on the same card and this is what they turned out like…

Mother's Day DIY Gift Ideas
Teddy’s handprints and Harry’s pollen fingerprints

I love the idea of family hand print art too. We’ve only ever done hand prints with water colour paints in the past and the poster paint cards were hard enough so although we were going to try this with the poster paints I decided to go with drawing round our hands instead and I love how it turned out!

I love the squiggly lines around Harry’s hand from where he was wriggling as we were trying to draw round it! Teddy had enough by the time we got to trying this so I only managed a photo with us and Harry. I’ll add names and the year and then try again with Teddy before it goes on the wall!

We also made these extra cute little clay/salt dough hand bowls! I spotted them on Pinterest (am I ever off Pinterest?) and really couldn’t resist! There’s a lot of variations of them if you’re searching for ideas but this one really is the cutest!

Mother's Day DIY Gift Ideas

We used this tutorial and tried them with the salt dough from this recipe because Teddy loves ‘baking’. The salt dough didnt really set properly, I think you need to put it in the oven but as they need to be curled over a ball for the shape I couldn’t. We ended up buying air drying clay and made a set of two, one of Teddy’s hand with his fingerprints and one of Harry’s hand with his fingerprints!

I’m so totally in love with their tiny hands and absolutely love how these turned out! We had an absolute blast making them too!

Pinterest is amazing for picking up ideas for things like this, you can see our Creative Mother’s Day board here for more Mother’s day DIY gift ideas if you fancy taking a look! Or take a look at our Mothers Day Gift Guide for pretty gifts you can buy!

Happy Mother’s Day!


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