DIY Sew Your Own Peg Bag!

DIY peg bag

We’ve had this tea towel since Christmas but I couldn’t bring myself to use it because it’s so lovely! Plus it’s one of those that never seems to dry the dishes anyway! I wanted to share this little DIY because who doesn’t have a tea towel they love and really don’t want to ‘ruin’ on the dishes? Right?

So for this mini project you’ll need…


A pretty tea towel

Binding tape/ribbon/fabric off cuts

Sewing machine

A small hanger (we upcycled an old baby hanger!)

Cut your tea towel to size

step one – cut your tea towel. Ours was just the right size to make two bags but if you’re using a smaller tea towel you might only have enough fabric to make one. I measured it by eye. Also take into consideration the size of the hanger you want to use.

step two

step two – Choose which part of your fabric you want to be the front and work out where you want the hole to be. I folded the fabric where I wanted the hole to be and used a small bowl to draw a semi circle then carefully cut it out. The blue pen is a removable ink but you could use a pencil (the area will be covered so don’t worry too much!)

Step three – once you’ve cut the hole you need to edge it. You can either fold it over and sew it to form a hem or sew some binding tape around it which I found easier. If you don’t have binding tape you could use ribbon or even off cuts of the tea towel folded over to hide the edges.

cut the corners off after sewing the edges for a neater finish (just be careful not to snip through the stitching!)

Step four – sew the front and back together. Place the front and back of your peg bag right sides together and sew around the edges. Don’t forget to leave a gap of an inch or two at the top for the hook of the hanger to poke through.

Final step – turn the bag right side out and pop the hanger in and you’ve done!



  1. Who do you think is this goofy
    14th June 2021 / 8:33 am

    Can’t I just get you to make me one out of a British tea towel ? Lololol

    We sold our house!


    • hugosadventures
      17th June 2021 / 9:51 am

      When I find a cute tea towel I’ll get one sent over to you! Hopefully before you move! xx

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