Easy Gingerbread Mummies

Zoella’s new book has a fab gingerbread recipe where she ices skeletons, which look really great. However if you don’t have time for all the faffing this must have involved, but want a halloween treat with a handmade look then read on for a quick and easy busy mum version!!


They look great but they’re so quick and easy to make and trick or treaters of all ages love them!


Shop bought gingerbread men (Sainsbury’s and Asda do the best ones in the UK!)

Icing sugar (confectioners sugar)

Piping bag/plastic sandwich bag

How to

Sieve your icing sugar to a fine powder and mix with a tiny amount of water. You’ll need more icing sugar and less water than you think! I mixed mine to quite a thick paste to make it easier and less messy when icing.

Top tip for filling your icing bag, put it in a tall glass and fold the top over to hold it in place! Spoon or pour your icing in and then cut a tiny piece off the pointy end (or the corner if you’re using a sandwich bag)

The bigger the hole the wider your ‘bandages’ so start off cutting a tiny hole and go bigger if you need to. If you cut too big just pipe in to a new bag and cut again!

Another top tip, to get a bandage look rather than zig zag lines, pipe off the edge of the gingerbread man before coming back the other way!

I usually pop two in a little cellophane bag and tie with Halloween coloured ribbon and hide my not so good looking efforts behind the display gingerbread mummy at the front!!! You can add a little ‘gingerbread mummies’ tag too if you want to!

Our trick or treaters have always loved these and I’m sure yours will too!

Happy halloween!



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