Heart Paperclip Tutorial

Heart Paperclip Tutorial

A quick and easy non smushey valentine gift! And so much fun to make too!!

You’ll need red or pink paper clips (or whatever colour you prefer) and some plain paperclips to practise with!

Start by holding your paperclip so it looks like this

Now start to bend it here (getting the middle right might take a few goes)

Make sure the short loop goes behind the bend and the long stalk bit of the clip goes behind the loop (or you won’t get the bottom of the heart effect properly) if either of them end up on the wrong side, like mine has here, gently ease it over so it goes in the right place

when you’ve managed to get the bend in the right place continue bending until you end up with something that looks like this

and if you’ve got everything else in the right place you can clip it to anything, like this!

I use them as book marks as well as pretty little paperclips!

Happy Valentines Day!


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