Last Minute Father’s Day Crafts

Last Minute Father’s Day Crafts

If you’re looking for last minutes makes for Father’s Day or crafts to do with daddy on the day we’ve got you covered!

We tried 4 different crafts, some needed more adult help than others but 2 year old Teddy enjoyed them all!

As a mum of two toddlers our craft box is usually full so we already had everything we needed for these crafts! I’ve listed alternatives for most items just in case yours has been depleted during lockdown! The wooden stick frames were sent to us from Teddy and Harry’s nursery while we’re home in lockdown which is just the cutest!


Paper or Card

Coloured pencils/Crayons

Coloured paper/coloured tissue/coloured ribbons

Glue stick

Wooden craft sticks

Shiny stickers or similar

The Rainbow Clouds are a great craft to make with daddy on the day. They’re quick and easy to set up for them and easy for daddy to help supervise younger children.

Things you can do beforehand to make the activity go smoothly!

Gather your supplies.

Draw and cut out a few cloud shapes. I drew it freehand, cut it out and then used that as a template to cut out 3 more.

Cut strips coloured paper or use ribbons or coloured tissue paper. We used left over streamers from a mini birthday party last month but crepe or tissue paper are a craft box staple for us normally.

Set the activity out ready, maybe in a tray or box. I set ours up and them popped the tray out of the way until we were ready to start because I didn’t want Teddy seeing the supplies and wanting to start crafting before I was ready!

We made two versions of the cloud using the same supplies, the second of which was probably a little easier for a 2 1/2 year old. Teddy loved using the glue stick all over the cloud and then together we scrunched up the paper and I showed him how to put it on the cloud and press it down and he did the rest himself with me supervising! He loved deciding which colour next and then finding a space on the cloud to stick it!

Harry joined in with these crafts with a cloud and some coloured pencils and managed to make some marks on the cloud before trying to eat it!

Another idea using the same supplies is a rosette, something you could make before Father’s Day for a gift. I drew a circle and then a wavy line around it and Teddy coloured it in. Then with my help he stuck the coloured paper on the back to make it look like a rosette. I worked out how many days since they were born, 365 days in a year (366 in 2020) and then the number of days since their last birthday. Such an easy make and so cute!

The last craft we tried this week was sent to us by Teddy & Harry’s nursery. They sent a lovely letter saying how much they missed them both and some supplies with instructions for making a picture frame for daddy.

I used a hot glue gun to stick the frame together and then Teddy loved deciding which colours and shapes to stick on and we also talked about how smooth or bumpy the shapes felt. We then added drawings to the frames!

Each of our crafts lasted between 30 minutes to an hour where both boys were fully engaged with and thoroughly enjoying the activity! We’ll definitely be trying these out again in the future!

Happy crafting!


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