Last Minute Halloween Crafts

Looking for some last minute halloween crafts? I pulled together a few things we tried the last few days and wanted to share!


If you haven’t got time to carve a pumpkin (or just hate the thought like me!) then I love this idea I saw on instagram. Using the letters from my letter boards I added little Halloween-y phrases and the spider and devil horns are Hugo & Holly’s headbands!

Ghost Leaves

We had lots of leaves left over from our autumn crafts so I added a bit of white poster paint and some googly eyes and hey presto a craft that kept the boys occupied for around half an hour!

Spider Handprints

I think these spider handprints might just be my favourite! I love anything handprint! We used poster paint for these and it was incredibly hard to get off the boys hands and Harry’s highchair tray afterwards but I wanted them to look really black (not the effect I’d get using our water based paint pallet).

I painted the boys hands one at a time (one boy and one hand – it gets messy!) then once we’d done the prints Teddy added the eyes!

Paper Plate Spider

These one was Teddy’s favourite! We used the excess paint left on their hands to make handprints on the plate so their hands were dry (mostly) then I added a little more black paint and let them loose! They painted away for a good 10 minutes! The paint dried fairly quickly so we stuck the eyes on almost straight away, counting them as we went then added pipe cleaner legs with Teddy naming the colours as he passed them to me!

Then his absolute favourite part, I hung them from the ceiling so he could just touch them and they moved as he ran under them! Both boys spent a good half hour on this craft and about the same or even more afterwards saying oooh spider and running around to make them move!

Then, after a clean up, they sat and watched Hey Duggee’s Spooky Badge while I tidied everything away and had a well earned cup of tea!!


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