Rainbow Handprints

rainbow handprints

When the boys get older I’d love to have a little wall in the kitchen where I can display all their art before it gets scanned or saved into their memory journals but for now we have a frame on a wall in the hallway and I update the print in there for every few weeks.

Last week we made rainbow handprints to put in the frame and it turned out so nice I actually cried! We also made rainbow handprint cards to send to friends and family and some that we’re using to record our lockdown journal and you can read all about those here.

I’m sure I don’t need to show anyone how to make handprints but I wanted to share a few tips if you were looking to get the same muted rainbow effect we got.

With Teddy being a little bit older it was easier with him so we did his handprints first! I tried with poster paints but just got a splodgy mess and after a few attempts I was at a loss! Then one day Teddy was using his watercolour pallet and I remembered we used that to paint their Rudolf cards at Christmas so we gave it a go!

We painted rainbow colours on each hand but you could also try painting the colours across two hands or from the top down to look like a true rainbow too! We went with 6 colours, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple starting with red on the thumb.

The trick is to get enough water on the paint pallet to make a print when you put your hand on the paper, if it’s too dry it just won’t print, but not too much so it runs down your arm when you’re painting your hand. In the end we went with more rather than less water and caught the runs with kitchen paper!

I also found it easier to paint one hand at a time, then print, rather than trying to paint both hands and print together, especially with Harry who covered everything in paint, including himself, when I tried to do that! It’s a bit of a pain rinsing the brush after every colour, twice, but it does make a cleaner print and both look even and more rainbow like. I also found I didn’t so much like the look of a straight painted stripe on the prints so tried to paint their hands in areas rather than a straight stripe up the hand and finger.

We tried rainbow fingerprints too (a big rainbow shape out of their fingerprints) but the boys are a bit too young for this and got bored fairly quickly. It’d be great for older children though and will look lovely when it’s finished (we’re persevering over a few days!)

Hope there were a few things that helped! I’d love if you shared your creations with me over on Instagram, just add the hashtag #loveandpughugs


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