Transparent Picture Frame Tutorial

I wanted to share my transparent picture frame tutorial with you because when I bought a cute little Home Sweet Home card a few weeks ago I knew I wanted to frame it. I didn’t have a frame in mind or even know where I wanted to put it in the house but I knew it would look really lovely.

Today I suddenly remembered I had two frames I’d bought at Ikea a good few months back and dug them out thinking they’d be ideal for the little card. Unfortunately they were a bit too big but I wanted to get it framed and up so a bit of DIY later and I think it turned out really well!


Two Ikea Fiskbo Frames

Print of your choice

You need two frames to make just one transparent frame but these ones from Ikea are just a few pounds each so it’s not an expensive project! These frames (and I think all the Ikea frames) have acrylic not glass in them so they’re light weight and safe if you have children or pets around!

How To

Take the backs off both frames and put aside.

Take the acrylic out of one frame and set the empty frame aside.

Place your print upside down on the acrylic you left inside it’s frame.

At this point I added double sided sticky tape to the back of the print. It’s not essential but I found the print slipped without it so even if it’s just a bit of sellotape rolled over on itself it’ll help keep the print in place.

Now pop the piece of acrylic from the second frame on the back and put the clips back in place.

Turn it over and voila!

You can see some of the black clips that hold the picture together when it’s finished, you can snip them off with wire snips if you think they’ll bother you but I think it looks great even with them! It’s such a quick and easy make and I love it!

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