Frozen Banana Treats

Shopping list

Bananas (well obviously!)

Iced Lolly mould – we bought this one from Asda but you can find a similar one {here}

Frozen Banana TreatsMethod

Chop the banana(s) in to two or three pieces, depending on the size of the mould.

Carefully push the banana pieces on to the lolly sticks and place into the mould.

Gently freeze

They need to be frozen but still slightly soft.

Frozen banana treats

Frozen banana treats

Now Enjoy!!

Perfect for cooling down on a warm day, or on any day for pugs!

We never leave Hugo and Holly unattended whilst eating these, or any food, and we recommend you do the same.

We hope you enjoy making these super easy but really tasty treats as much as your dog will love trying them!




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