Happy Birthday Mama!

Happy Birthday Mama!

I love having my birthday right before Christmas! Most people think I should hate it! That I get combined Christmas and bithday presents or that people forget about me altogether but I don’t! I actually really love having my birthday three days before the big event!

Instead of feeling over shadowed by it all I actually feel like everyone’s celebrating my day with me! It makes it feel more special for me!


Today we snuggled up and watched Christmas films followed by birthday present DVDs! Eddie the Eagle and Swallows and Amazons! I drank tea and ate chocolates while Hugo and Holly mostly snoozed!


I’m always made to feel really special by my family and friends on my birthday so I like to spread the love by helping others and giving back. This year I donated to two pug rescue charities and you can learn more about who they are and what they do here and here, and donate too if you’d like, here and here! Maybe try it on your next birthday with your favourite charity, it really does make you feel good!

It’s Holly’s birthday next month and I’ve got special giving back plans for that too! I’ll share more about them soon!

In the meantime, we like to take a day trip out for Hugo and Holly’s birthday’s so if anyone has any good ideas for us we’d love to hear from you, just comment below! So far we’re thinking the Yorkshire Dales so if you know any great dog friendly places there that’d be a great start!!

lots of love and pug hugs xo


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