I love blogging and I love journalling too. I suppose blogging and journalling are the same thing really but I still love writing things down in a pretty notebook.

You can make those cute heart paperclips yourself! Just bend a normal pretty paperclip in half, it took me a few goes so I practised on plain silver ones before trying it out on the rose gold ones! They look so pretty as book marks when you manage to get them right too!

I bought this one from Zoella‘s lifestyle range at Christmas and have been saving it for something special. What could be more special than a journal for our baby about their first few years with Hugo and Holly!

I’ve already got a Bump to Baby book to keep note of all the milestones in the pregnancy and I wanted something for once they’re born to record the milestones we all make together.

We’ve already started introducing the idea of a baby to Hugo and Holly, and we know it isn’t going to be easy ensuring that everyone gets along but we want to make sure they stay as part of the family and are included in everything we do together. The baby will always have our Instagram to look back on but I also wanted to make sure they learn about all the cute, funny and even everyday things that we’ll do that might not appear on Instagram!


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Bunny – JellyCat

Journal – Zoella

Plant – Tesco

Pen, paperclips and foldback clips in rose – Sainsburys



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