Mama’s Autumn Favourites

Mama’s Autumn Favourites

Jumpers, Jewellery, Backpacks and Bobble hats

So you’ve seen Hugo and Holly’s favourites in recent weeks and now it’s my turn! I can’t wait to share some of my Autumn favourites with you!

I’ve recently been dragged ever so slightly out of my grey phase by this pale pink jumper and you will not believe the reason why!

Pink Hoodie from Next

A few months back I took an online photography course run by Emily Quinton and one of the tools used on the course was the Makelight Insights report. It pointed out that amongst the creams, browns and greys in most of my pug photographs was this pretty pink. It’s the colour of Holly’s puppy nose! I just did a mental awww! Now, every time I wear it or even see this colour, I see Holly’s cute little puppy nose!


Also, on a more practical note, it has a hood for keeping warm on cold morning pug walks and a big fluffy pocket which is great for keeping treats & other dog walking essentials in! It’s really soft and snuggly and  is definitely one of my favourites so far this season!

So, I know I said I’d been dragged out of my grey phase but that was only partly true because I’m hanging on to this next one! Seriously how could I resist!

One of a kind! It’s a hugosadventures design!
Bag from Primark | Bobble Hat from Tillets

The gorgeous backpack was ideal for our mountain hikes recently. I managed to fit my Olympus camera, the dog first aid kit, treats, poo bags and the dog toys we bought from the shop in! It was comfortable to wear and surprisingly not in my usual black or grey so everyone was happy!!

I bought the faux fur bobble hat late last winter and I’ve been waiting all this time to dig it out again! I love it so much! So pretty and lovely and warm for those evening walks. Holly loves the fluffy bobble though so it wasn’t a good idea to try take a photo of it on the floor! One stunned Holly photo followed by 10 minutes chasing her round the garden getting the hat back! At least I know we ALL like it now I suppose!

Camera necklace from eBay

I’ve seen a few of these types of pretty camera necklaces around recently so I decided to track one down for myself and I’m so glad I did. I’m in love! I picked a pale lemon colour as I was hanging on to the last days of summer at the time but they do them in practically every colour so I’ll be going back for more!


So there you have it, a little insight into the human side here and a few of mama’s favourite things this season!


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