My Maternity Wear Essentials

My Maternity Wear Essentials

I still find it hard to believe my pregnant belly got so big! It’s grown a tiny bit every day and it’s almost like I didn’t notice until boom it was there and I still don’t realise how big it is! Read on for my maternity wear essentials and the challenges I face with an ever expanding waistline!

In the beginning I was desperate for any sign of an emerging bump and used to kid myself that the bit of flab and hormonal bloating was a baby bump! Of course I didn’t really get a ‘proper’ bump until I was around 18 weeks but by 22-24 weeks the only thing that fit me was a pair of jeans 2 sizes up from my normal size!

I love my bump and am always excited to show it off however the stark realisation that well fitting, reasonably priced maternity clothes are hard to come by meant I struggled by until I literally had nothing that would fit me except my husbands pyjama bottoms!

My Next maternity leggings are the most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn! And I mean ever!

I searched and searched for jeans, my wardrobe staple, but either they were either too expensive, didn’t cover my bump enough or simply didn’t fit. I love leggings but my preference for jeans is based on the fact that pug hair doesn’t stick to them, either way jeans were a no-no so leggings it would be and the search was on again!

I actually didn’t have to search for long, wearing Next leggings pre-pregnancy I turned to their maternity leggings first and I wasn’t disappointed. I ordered a pair in my size but they turned out to be too big, and when I tried the next size down they were perfect! I ordered 6 more pairs! They’re soooo comfortable!

I don’t even have to iron them, they stretch over my bump and iron with my body heat!

My other maternity favourite isn’t actually a maternity piece, it’s a plain old Primark t-shirt! Their stretch t-shirts have been absolutely amazing, so comfortable and at only £2.50 each I could buy lots of different styles without breaking the bank! And let’s face it there are enough baby based expenses without spending too much on every day clothes! I bought my normal size too and they fit perfectly!

I did splash out on an absolutely gorgeous dress from ASOS when I needed one but for every day these two simple pieces have seen me right through!



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