Book of the Month – Little People Big Dreams

Book of the Month – Little People Big Dreams

Teddy’s at that age now where he prefer’s books with pages rather than the board books of the past and luckily he know’s how to look after them so no torn pages (unless Harry manages to grab hold!) This month our book of the month is from the Little People Big Dreams collection!

Some of the first books we added to his new collection were from the Little People Big Dreams collection which we absolutely love! He already has a lot of the board books which have now been passed on to Harry but I’m such a big lover of auto/biographies that I wanted to introduce them to Teddy and Harry with these gorgeous little books.

They’re very Instagrammable, which is where I first discovered them, and they look so cute on little bedroom bookshelves! However I really love them because they explore the lives of outstanding people and combine creativity with learning, aiming to establish a new and fresh relationship between children and pop culture.

Book of the month by little people big dreams
Teddy’s World Book Day costume!

Every time we get a new one it becomes my new favourite so it’s really difficult single out one particular book but our very first purchases were Stephen Hawking, Dolly Parton and Muhammad Ali. We’ve recently added Coco Channel, David Attenborough, David Bowie and Marie Curie.

The really great thing about them is you find yourself learning new things while reading them too! Who knew that David Bowie’s different coloured eyes were the result of a fight with his friend?

Let us know what your book of the month from Little People Big Adventures would be! I’ve linked a few of them from amazon here if you want to take a look.


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