Book of the Month – Oh Crap

Teddy is two and a half and more than ready for potty training.

I tried a few months back without much success. I bought a potty, left it out for him to ‘get used to’ and experienced a lot of resistance so gave up on day 1 thinking he’s not ready.

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A chance meeting with some of our friends and the subject came up. I mentioned I was struggling with Teddy hating nappy changes and discovered their little boy, a few months younger than Teddy, was out of nappies. How? Tell me your secret! She recommended this book and I can’t thank her enough!

Today was day 3 of our potty training and Teddy has taken to it like a champ! I know how long after he’s had a drink he’ll need a wee, I recognise his ‘wee wee dance’ and more importantly HE recognises the feeling of needing a wee and knows it goes in the potty!

This is the exact toilet we bought for Teddy. Yes it’s more expensive than a basic potty but Teddy is tall for his age (91st centile & wearing 4-5 clothes!) so I wanted something that would be as comfortable and as easy to use as possible. Well worth the extra money!

If you have any questions about our potty training journey get in touch here or over on our @pugandco instagram account!


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