Book of the Month – Supertato

I’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve read this book now! Teddy went off books for a bit with just his favourites like The Gruffalo getting read but he started nursery in March and this is one of the first books they read at story time there and it hasn’t been off our list since! Any other book recommendations for toddlers gratefully received!

It’s the story of a rogue frozen pea that escapes from the freezer in a supermarket and causes havoc amongst the other vegetables! Supertato nearly comes to a sticky ending himself but eventually saves the day! It’s silly, it’s funny and it has lots of opportunities for interaction with the story!

I’ve learnt a lot about reading with toddlers since March, and it mostly doesn’t just involve the book at first! Yes we can now just sit and read this book and talk about the pictures and the story but when they first read the story at nursery Teddy brought home paper plate characters from the book like Superpea. If you follow my stories on Instagram you’ll have seen the struggle I had throwing away the actual potato they made into a Supertato, complete with mask and cape and he’s even brought home a pea plant that’s now growing nicely in the back garden! We’ve even used the story to encourage Teddy to try eating peas!

10 out of 10 from us! We absolutely love it! Want to see some more of our book recommendations for toddlers and babies? Go here! Want to buy Supertato yourself? See it on amazon here!


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