Book of the Month – The Gruffalo

Teddy’s always loved books, but until now he’s never really been bothered about a book at bedtime.

He’s never been good at bedtime in general but recently we bought a nightlight that has an integrated star projector and it’s made such a difference!

I’ll write more about our bedtime routine in another post but in short after bath time it involves this gorgeous book! It’s the first and only story that Teddy loves to hear, we read it once and he joins in with the ‘no such thing as a gruffalo’ line, it makes him laugh so much! Then when we get to the end I say finished or the end and he always says ‘again’. The second time I read it softly and quietly and he listens intently. Sometimes he falls asleep but if he doesn’t when I get to the end I just say close your eyes and off he goes to sleep.

The sweet story and lovely rhymes are a joy to read. It’s funny, sweet and very clever and I’m so happy it’s Teddy’s first proper bedtime story!


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