These Are the Crazy Days – A Little Life Update

As I write it’s May 2021 and these days still feel so crazy. The last year has been stressful for everyone (as I’m sure you already know!!) and as a mum of two toddlers I have felt it as much as anyone! And the UK is still in lockdown restrictions!

Being home all day with the boys was so wonderful at first, we did all the crafts, we enjoyed games in the sunshine and even put up a little swimming pool on the grass! We enjoyed our single walk every day with Hugo and Holly, we stayed local and mostly it was an early morning trip to the local park or just a walk around the block.

Summer was lovely! Lockdown started to ease, some shops opened and we were allowed to move around and mix a little more freely. Still socially distanced and still wearing masks inside but things felt like they were looking up. Autumn arrived and with it more restrictions as a second wave of Covid hit the UK. We continued with crafts but visiting new places was off the cards and we stayed home to stay safe.

Winter 2020 was definitely toughest for me as a mum, the weather was too terrible to play in the garden for long and there was nowhere open to take the boys to burn off their energy so most days were spent in the housed I struggled. I was mum, nurse, events coordinator, toy tester, nutritionalist, cook, kiss stealer, cookie dealer, boo boo healer! I joke but it really was a very tough time spending 10 hours a day just me and the boys with no where to go except a single walk around the block with Hugo and Holly. We were out of ideas, jigsaws, puzzles, dens, sofa cushion soft play, crafts, reading, drawing, playdough, dinosaurs…I could go on! Christmas helped, we love Christmas! Fast forward, or slow forward as it felt, to February and then March and finally our restrictions started to lift.

Teddy started nursery in March and things have looked up since then! The weather improved and most days we walk to school even though its a good few miles away! The weather has gone slightly downhill in May although today and this weekend it’s set to be warm and sunny, just in time for Harry’s 2nd birthday!

I hope this goes someway to understanding why I haven’t posted here in months, why our instagram pages can sometimes be hit and miss and why answering DMs and emails can be slow! I apologise! But hopefully now the good weather is back, we’ll get out more, the boys will sleep better so I will sleep better and if not well there’s always a tea party to look forward to!


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