DIY Flash Cards for Toddlers

DIY Flash Cards for Toddlers

When Teddy was born I ordered a decorative wooden flag with his name on and received some story cards free with it. He was obviously too young for them but I kept them until he was a little older.

They’ve gotten a little worn from their time spent in the book tray and toy box now and I wanted to get some more for him but noticed how expensive they can be so I decided to have a go at making my own. Good old Pinterest to the rescue! [Head over to my Pinterest page here for the templates and don’t forget to follow me for lots more great pins like this!]

All you need to make the flashcards is a printer and a pair of scissors! If you’ve got a paper cutter then it’s quicker and easier and I also have this cute Zutter corner rounder. All essential tools for me when I’m trying to create things in a very narrow nap window but really all you’re doing is cutting them out so scissors work just as well!

So basically print them, cut them out and play with them! That’s it! We printed them on card but it’s quite cheap and flimsy so I’d say go with a thick card if you can and that way they’ll last longer.

Flash Cards from Mr Printables

Teddy loves them even though he’s managed to screw some of them up already! He asks to sit at the dining table, where I took the photos with his hands above, because that’s where we first played with them! So cute!

We play name games ‘where’s the sheep?’ but I’ve printed two lots of these so we can move on to matching games too! I’ve got an alphabet set ready to use and even printed out some French words too!

How do you use flash cards with your toddler?


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