A Life Update

If you follow us on Instagram you’ll know we’ve been posting over there, on both hugosadventures (hound) and pugandco (humans) but we’ve been really quiet on the blog so I thought I’d share a little update.

We welcomed another human pack member in May, Harry, and he and his big brother have been taking up a lot of my time!

So now things have settled a little and I’m not so reliant on coffee to stay awake (who am I kidding, totally still reliant!) I wanted to pop back on here and say hi and let you know what we’ve been up to!

As I said, I’ve been growing a small human, who actually turned out to be not so small and was delivered 2 weeks early by planned c-section because the consultant was convinced he was going to be toddler sized! He was 9lb 6oz but still looked like a perfect teeny tiny newborn! Teddy was 8lb 12oz and both were 57cm long and on the 91st centile for height!

Having a baby is tough, really tough. First time round I didn’t know what I was doing plus Teddy took an hour to feed, an hour to burp and then slept for half an hour before starting over again so I was like a zombie! Harry is a little easier and I know what I’m doing, mostly, but because I now have a toddler to look after too it still seems reeeeeally reeeeeally hard work! And I’m still like a zombie because there’s none of that sleep when the baby sleeps when you have a toddler! At two months old Harry’s started sleeping better, 11pm to 4am, having dropped the 1am feed so my days are less of a daze! Still heavily coffee reliant though!

I’m finding it tough getting out of the house but trying very hard because we don’t really have any family nearby to help and we can all get a little stir crazy doing the same thing every day. Easier said than done though, going somewhere with no children I could be ready in about half an hour, going somewhere with one, 2 hours, going somewhere with a toddler and a newborn, 4 days planning, 17 bags and a goat herder! Now try adding two pugs to the mix!

We’re in a bit more of a routine now so I’m hoping to post here at least once a week sharing all things pug, everyday life, loves and adventures, all with a toddler and new baby in tow!


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