Nail Trimming Trauma

If you have a pug, then you will already know that pug nails grow at super speed!

If you don’t have a pug and you’re thinking about getting one, then one thing you really need to know is… pug nails grow at super speed!!

nail trimming trauma

If Hugo and Holly walk on pavements (which they do most nights unless we go to the park) this wears them down and can help keep them shorter, but they still need cutting a lot! Hugo’s been a little under the weather lately and hasn’t been out for walkies so his nails have gotten long and desperately in need of  cutting.

Last night, whilst he was a little sleepy (because it makes the whole job a lot easier if they’re a little sleepy!), I decided it was time to attempt to cut them.

Bad move.

Holly is a wriggler when it comes to nail cutting but Hugo’s OK, so he sat quietly, as normal, but as I cut the first nail he jumped and pulled his paw away. I thought it was unusual but carried on and the next three nails were fine. I cut his dew claw, which I was VERY careful with as he’s torn this in the past and very nearly had to have it removed at the vets, but he was fine with that. When I got to his first toe on his other foot he did the same, pulled his paw away. Then I saw it, blood, bright red blood, everywhere. I’d cut his nail to the quick and made him bleed. I felt like the worst pug mama in the whole world. EVER.

He didn’t yelp in pain but it had obviously hurt and then I realised that must have been what had happened with the first nail too, when he pulled his paw away then. Thankfully I have a pug first aid kit that would put St. Johns Ambulance to shame and I whipped out a styptic pencil (they look like cotton buds) to stem the flow of blood. You snap the end with the line on and it releases the active ingredient to the other end and you use that on the cut.

nail trimming trauma

It’s recommended that you bandage up your dogs paw to prevent infection from licking if this ever happens to you but as it was bed time we thought it would cause more problems that it solved. So, once the bleeding had stopped, which was actually almost immediately with the styptic pencil, we lifted Hugo up on to the sofa (I felt so bad that they didn’t have to sleep in their own bed!) and they settled down quite quickly and went off to sleep.

There are quite a few ‘home made’ remedies out there if you happen to clip your dogs nails too close including rubbing their nail with a clean fragrance free bar of soap, corn starch and even a cold teabag! but the styptic pencil worked really well for me. There is an initial sting when you first apply it though, so you need to make sure you hold their paw in place! I think you can also buy styptic powder but I haven’t tried that.

Hugo’s fine and dandy today and you wouldn’t even guess what had happened, apart from me still fussing around him checking if he’s ok! I’ve booked him in at the vets next week for a nail trim with the nurse and will book him for the week after too. She’ll only be able to cut a very small amount at first and will then wait for the quick to recede before cutting another small amount the week after. Once they’re back to normal length I’ll hopefully be able to cut them myself again!

Trauma over!


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