Why Do Pugs Snore?

Pugs snore! Yes it’s true, they’re cute even when they’re sleeping! But why do pugs snore?

Pugs are a brachycephalic breed meaning they have a shorter muzzle and nose than other breeds. Pretty obvious when you look at them! It means they will have more laboured breathing and you’ll see them pant more than other dogs as they tend to overheat more easily too. It also means that they snore!! Some are louder than others (Hugo!!) but I love the sound of their snoring and at night I find it really comforting <3

See for yourself!

If you click on the pop up pug about 5 seconds in it’ll take you over to You Tube where you can subscribe to our new channel!

As always, you can leave pug hugs for Hugo and Holly in the comments below!



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