Baby Weaning

Teddy is 5 months old and we’ve just started our weaning journey. The current recommendation is to start weaning at 6 months old but we’re combining weaning with baby led weaning, we started slowly and I’m confident Teddy is happy and thoroughly enjoying his first taste of ‘solid’ food.

For the first three weeks we’re trying a different single taste every day, vegetables for the first two weeks and then we’ll introduce some fruits for the third week. The idea being that we introduce the less sweet tastes first so they’re accepted more easily.

So far, so good! Teddy has accepted and enjoyed all the vegetables we’ve tried so far with the exception of green beans. He pulled a lot of funny faces and most of it ended up on his bib but he did eat a few teaspoons. We’ll try again with green beans. We’re currently in our second week and Teddy is readily accepting new flavours and will open his mouth wide for every spoonful! Some things he likes more and than others but at the end of the three weeks I’m going to start again so he experiences all the flavours again before we move on to combining them.


I’m not much of a cook, I can bake but that’s very different from combining flavours and putting together a meal so I was worried I’d struggle with weaning. Despite this I was certain I wanted to prepare everything from scratch and only in exceptional circumstances use ‘jars’. This isn’t me on my high horse about packets and jars, it’s simply someone who can’t cook hoping to learn from the very bottom of the ladder!

So, 11 days in and we’ve realised you need way more weaning stuff than you think! We bought 4 spoons and when they all ended up on the floor in one sitting I went back and bought 8 more! We bought more freezer pots too after cooking a weeks worth of tastes and wasting a lot of it because we only had 6 pots!

What we’re using for our first 6 weeks

12 spoons

8 bowls

1 Sippy Cup

12 freezer pots

4 rubber bottomed freezer pots

Mini blender


Ella’s Kitchen A Tiny Taste of the First Foods Book

Holly Willoughby’s Truly Scrumptious Baby Book

We’d love to hear how you got on weaning a baby, it’s really not as easy as you’d think so any tips would be gratefully received!


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