6 Ways to Keep a Home with Dogs Smelling Sweet

I walked into my home a few days ago and was greeted with a great big whiff of dog!

Oooh it’s smells a bit doggy in here, well we do have dogs, was the response!! I asked for that I suppose! It did start me pondering though, why the doggy smell all of a sudden and what do I normally do to keep the place smelling so sweet?

1. Wash their bedding

Hugo and Holly’s bed has a removable, washable cover. We cover that in a throw that we can whip off a wash as often as necessary too. Double wash removing twice the whiff! We use in wash fragrance beads too and the smell really does stay on the covers which helps.

2. Bath time

Guess what, the dog smell comes from your dog! I know, unbelievable right! Keep them smelling sweet and your home will smell sweet too! Don’t over do it though as dogs have natural oils in their coats and washing too often can strip it and leave them with skin problems. The key is to find that sweet spot between stinker and summer fresh!! Under normal circumstances Hugo can go a maximum of about a month between baths, Holly maybe two, but it really is what ever works for you and your dog.

3. Down boy

If you let your dogs on your furniture then your furniture will smell of your dogs! It’s a personal preference thing but we absolutely do let Hugo and Holly on the sofas. I do my best to keep the doggy smell at bay so we have throws that we can wash once or twice a week and that helps protect the sofa as well as banish the smell.

4. We use plug ins

I use the one with three smells because they alternate every 45 minutes so you always notice the nice smell. They’re not for everyone and I must admit I do get a bit paranoid and tend not to leave them on if I’m out but they do make the place smell sweet and they certainly hide whiff that you can’t wash away. Doggy trumps anyone?!

5. Have a grooming regime

Brush em! Brush em real good! Doggy fur on your furniture and carpet leads to doggy smells so don’t let it get that far! We use the Curry Comb by Furminator. We’ve tried lots of other brushes but if your pug has a double coat, like Hugo, then you probably need to brush them every day. Double coats mean twice the fur and this will definitely do the job! We tried the Furminator comb (a bit like a nit comb) but because his coat is so dense it just doesn’t do anything but the Curry Comb took out enough fur to knit a coat for me!!

6. Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum

I saved the best till last, and the source of the recent doggy whiff! Yes indeed pugs may be small but they shed hair like there’s no tomorrow and what you don’t get with grooming you need to pick up, so I vacuum every day. Yup! Every. Single. Day. That may seem like over-kill but we actually only have one carpet downstairs so really it’s no big deal! They’re both allowed to the top of the stairs, but not actually ‘upstairs’, so one carpet and the stairs every day is easy enough. It does make a difference or should I say did make a difference.

I was playing with Holly on the living room floor one evening and noticed how much pug hair was there! I’d only vacuumed a few hours early, something was up?! I checked the vacuum brush for clogged hair (mine not theirs!!) but it was fine and eventually we decided that our ancient vacuum cleaner was probably due for retirement! I replaced it with a brand new Dyson DC40 tested it out and guess what, no more doggy smell!

So there you go, a few tips and tricks for keeping a house with dogs smelling like a summer meadow, sort of! Share your own tips in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!

Lots of love and pug hugs xo

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  1. 12th September 2016 / 8:53 am

    Thanks Lisa I m following a similar regime in the holiday cottage , my top tip is Zoflora concentrated disinfectant I put a capful in every wash for all bedding throws etc , I also use it diluted on all the floors and diluted again in a trigger spray makes it safe in all surfaces especially skirting boards and I even use it as my main household cleaner it doesn’t have a harsh chemical smell and is nice that everything smells garden fresh as opposed to chemical bleach clean it’s antibacterial qualities are great for animals and kids too my current favourite scent is country garden xxxxx ????????

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