3 New Mum Beauty Faves

3 New Mum Beauty Faves

Just weeks after the birth of my second child someone (who should have known better!) said to me ‘you look tired’!

Just so you know, it’s never EVER ok to say that to a new mum! You look great is a perfect alternative! Who cares if it’s not true! She knows she looks like she hasn’t slept all night, because she hasn’t slept all night!

My response was ‘I have two children, I’m sure this is pretty much just my face now’ and I laughed it off but I’m not gonna lie, it hurt a little. I knew I looked tired but I didn’t have the energy to think about the self care that everyone said was essential, never mind doing anything about it! I’d just had major surgery and been sent home the next day with just a box of paracetamol, barely able to walk, and my husband was working 16 hour days 7 days a week so it was just me, I had no help at home, with a toddler and a newborn baby. I was waaaay down the list of priorities!

Only now Harry is 3 months old am I able to think about how I’m feeling and looking and take a little time for myself.

In an attempt to look less tired I started with my skincare routine!

Clinique id moisturiser – I’ve tried a few Clinique products, samples and miniatures and actually went to buy the moisture surge but had seen this advertised. The sales assistant gushed about it and I did feel a little rushed into buying it but actually it turned out she was right! Love this on its own or under make up, it makes my skin feel so soft and smooth.

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm – I’ve used this in the past but not for a while. It’s not an every day product but when you use it you definitely notice a difference. It brightens and tightens and I definitely need that right now!

No 7 Total Renewal Micro Dermabrasion – I use this a few times a week and I love how well it gets rid of dead skin cells and leaves my face feeling soft, smooth and blemish free.

Teddy is finally sleeping through and Harry is already sleeping a good 5 hours at a time so hopefully I’ll see a difference with the help of these three little beauties!

What’s your favourite product for helping you look and feel less tired?


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