I love taking photos! I’ve been taking photos since I was 7 years old so I’d say I’ve always loved taking photos! I’m a huge fan of Elliott Erwitt, particularly his dogs series (of course!) and of Henri Cartier-Bresson and his ability to capture the ‘decisive moment’.

When I got my first ‘proper’ camera, about 3 years ago, I expected to be able pick it up, press the button and get amazing photos! Well what the heck was I paying all that money for if I wasn’t going to get amazing photos! Sadly, that’s not how it works, and even if you know how to work a DSLR camera you need to take other things into consideration, photography is about much more than just the camera!

These days, just about everyone carries a camera around with them every day (your phone!) so you’re already half way there learning about light, composition and story-telling. Plus you can get great photos and you have a better chance of capturing more memories and, of course, that decisive moment!

I remember taking these photos, I was about 12 years old and it was a beautiful summers day.
I took them with my pretty red point and shoot and I’m actually surprised I managed to wind the film on quickly enough to capture the second image where they’re looking at each other!

I learnt to take photos with a film camera, an old 35mm point and shoot, and one of my favourite photos was taken on film. Rather unfortunately it was back in the day when you would take your film to the Chemist who sent it away to be developed and if you were lucky you got it back in a week! That particular photo took two weeks to be returned and appeared quite underexposed when it arrived, the whole film having suffered at the hands of the developer and some shots not making it back at all! I still love it though, and I have a little tale to tell about it which makes it even more special!

So, back to dogtography (I’m sure that’s a thing!) the reason I take so many photos of Hugo and Holly is because I want to be able to capture every single funny, cute and crazy thing they do! I want to document our adventures together and be able to look at a photograph and remember the silly things they used to do or the funny moment that happened trying to take it!

Not every photograph needs to be amazing just make sure you have an amazing time taking it and remembering it afterwards!

Taken with my iPhone 5S. We love snapchat! Follow us! Our username is hugosadventures

I have 5 cameras (I know! But this isn’t nearly as bad as it sounds, honest!) my iPhone, a 15 year old Olympus point and shoot (because phones didn’t always have cameras!), a 10 year Olympus bridge camera, a Nikon DSLR and an Olympus Pen!

Some of them are so old but I just can’t bear to part with them! Taken with someone else’s iPhone 6!

I use my iPhone for taking quick snaps, I find it best used in natural light otherwise the photos can be dark and grainy but it’s great for times when carrying a bulky camera isn’t practical but you still want to capture a moment to remember. Plus it’s great for snapchat!

My old bridge was my first stop from the  point & shoot and it was kind of a half way towards a DSLR. Although I thought it was amazing at the time, because you could play with the aperture and shutter speed settings, I probably wouldn’t recommend a bridge and would instead say go straight for the DSLR. The difference being that you can change the lenses on a DSLR so generally I get a better quality photo from that because the lens is better quality. 99% of the time I have a 40mm macro lens on and find it’s super versitile, I can get great close up shots of paws and noses, crystal clear pics in the park and if I set the aperture right a beautifully blurred background with clear focus on the subject.

However, as much as I love my Nikon, my current favourite is the new Olympus Pen! Not only does it help you take amazing photographs but it’s light, compact and ohhhh so pretty!

My new favourite camera! It needs a pretty camera strap though, any recommendations? Taken with my iPhone 5S.

I use the 17mm 1:1.8 lens and, even though it’s a little bigger than the 1:2.8 pancake lens, the amount of light it lets in and the beautiful blurry backgrounds you can create with it made the trade off an easy one for me to make.

I also particularly love the fact that you can wirelessly upload the photos you take onto your iPhone and then edit them and upload to social media from there. It’s definitely THE camera to have for social media, blogging or taking and editing photos on the go. And did I say how pretty it was?! I use this camera for just about all the photos on the blog and the ones I post on Instagram and Twitter too. Any macro (close up) photos will have been taken with the Nikon.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed that bit of photography background, it was inspired by the blog post I’m preparing that reveals tips on taking photos of your own pets, so keep an eye out for that in the near future!

If you want any advice or an opinion on a camera or how to get the best from it leave a note in the comments section below or email us!

I’ve posted (aff) links to my favourite Nikon and Olympus Pen cameras below if you want to take a closer look on amazon


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