Hidden Instagram Features

Hidden Instagram Features

Everyone knows how much we love Instagram! We use Twitter and Pinterest too and although we’re trying to up our interaction there because we love them too, our favourite is still Instagram! We’ve made some amazing friends there and we think of all the people that follow us as a great big family!

We love keeping up to date with all the new things happening on Instagram (and lets face it they change things nearly every week!) so I thought we’d share a few of the ‘hidden features’ we’ve come across to help make using the platform even more fun for everyone!

  • I love making a solid colour background in Stories if I want to write a message or do a partial reveal of a feed post! To try this first take a photo, then click on the draw icon (the pencil), choose the colour you want then press and hold the screen. If you press and hold the colour you want you get the whole colour palette to choose from too!
  • Once you’ve created a solid colour background if you want to reveal a some of the photo underneath press the eraser, choose your eraser size and then swipe the areas of the photo you want to reveal! I love this for letting your followers have sneak peaks of posts!
  • Change the colour of text by simply pressing a colour. Change the background colour of text by pressing the A in the top left corner and then selecting a colour!
  • Select a custom colour by using the dropper. Take a photo, add your text, press the dropper and the colour selector will pop up on your screen. Drag it to a colour you want to use and release and your text will change colour! You can also use it to create a custom colour background instead by pressing the ‘A’!

  • Creating rainbow text took me a bit of practise but when you get it you can make your text look really eye catching! Type out your text then tap it and select all . Now here was the tricky bit for me, with one finger press and hold a colour until the large colour palette appears (keep your finger on the colour palette) then with the other finger press one of the corners of the selected text. Now move both fingers together across the text and colour and should get rainbow text! This took me a few goes to get it right but I love it now!

  • You can swipe up once in Stories camera mode to see the photos you’ve already taken and post those in Stories. If you want you can pinch the photo to make it smaller with the top and bottom blurred if it’s square
  • You can create a selfie sticker within Stories by pressing the sticker button and then the camera icon. It’s not amazing but it’s there if you fancy giving it a go! Press the blurry selfie to change the edges to a solid white line!
  • Stories stickers have more than one option! Test it out by adding the apple to a photo then press the apple and see what happens!!

  • If you’re posting a video and want to pin a tag, or a sticker over an area, just upload the video, add your tag in text or choose a sticker then press and hold the tag or sticker. The pin bar appears at the bottom, now move your tag or sticker where you want it to go then press Pin. The tag or sticker will follow where you pinned it as the video rolls! We use it to tag friends who’ve sent pug presents when we video Hugo and Holly destroying, I mean playing with, their new gifts! The stickers are great for covering pug bottoms!!

I’ve read that the more you use different hidden features on Instagram the more the algorithm likes you! How true this is I’m not sure but it would answer the question of why Instagram never properly explains how to use all their features when they’re released!

Use the hashtag #hugosadventures on Instagram if you try any of these out! We’d love to see how you get on!


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