A Bedroom Revamp

I’ve wanted our boys to share a bedroom since Harry was born! Obviously that’s not practical with a newborn but I have been excited to get to this point probably since the moment I found out I was pregnant with Harry! I can’t wait to share this bedroom revamp with you!

The room the boys will share started off as a guest bedroom then we popped a cot in and called it the baby’s room when Teddy was born! Leaving the bed in there was essential for those long nights when he was teething or was sick because it meant one of us could be in there while the other got some sleep and then we could swap! We’ve got to the point now where lifting Teddy in and out of his cot was hurting our backs so we decided to move the rooms around so he could have a bed. We originally thought about a toddler bed but we already had a single bed in our third bedroom and rather than spending nearly £200 on a new one we decided to move that.

Here’s what everything looked like before…

I didn’t want to totally redecorate as we’d done that just before Teddy was born and everything still looked fairly fresh so I just popped a quick coat of white paint on the main painted wall and then dismantled the double bed!

I took the opportunity of an empty (mostly) room to vacuum every single square inch of the carpet! Our house gets so dusty and I hate it so any opportunity and I’ve got the Dyson out! I also cleaned and disinfected every single surface so I had a blank template to start with.

I emptied the shelves (scroll back and see how messy they were!) and sorted the clothes into keep, throw and donate. We’ve also got two under bed storage boxes with Teddy’s old clothes for Harry that need sorting through but that’s a job for another day!

I had to dismantle and reassemble the single bed to move it so that was next then Teddy’s old cot was brought back in (just case the bed doesn’t work out!) Harry is still in our room as he still wakes in the night and honestly I couldn’t cope with them both awake at 3am! Once Harry starts sleeping through the night more frequently he’ll join Teddy in this room.

It was basically just rearranging, tidying and swapping the bed but it’s made such a massive difference! Here’s the after photos….

The shelving unit is from Ikea and I much prefer it to a wardrobe! It’s so versatile and fits our space and our needs perfectly. The boxes on the bottom row have toys in with the row above for books and toys that will be changed every few days so Teddy’s has something different to occupy him when he wakes. Any extra minutes playing means precious snoozing for us!

I kept the bedding simple, there’ll come a time when it’s all Toy Story and dinosaurs I’m sure but for now we’re going with black, white and rich creamy taupes.

The bedside lamp is a low light battery operated lamp from Primark that we use it as a nightlight to avoid trailing cables.

We’re on the look out for a black and white line drawing of the world map for the other side of the big white wall. If you see anything I’d love it if you could let me know! For now we have the sleepy eyes vinyl transfers above the cot but that wall really does need something else to make it less stark.

Let me know if you like this kind of post as we’re slowly getting through the house organising and redecorating and I’d love to share if you like seeing our progress!


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