DIY Transform your Kitchen with Vinyl Floor Planks

Our ‘kitchen’ is actually our kitchen and dining room ‘knocked through’ so it’s always had 2 different types of flooring on two very slightly different levels.

When Teddy started to crawl and then walk we quickly realised our solid wooden floor was too difficult to keep clean and the tiles were too slippery! We knew we had to change the flooring and considered different options some of which were too expensive or too difficult to fit but the vinyl planks seemed to tick all the boxes for us especially with another baby on the way at the time (Harry!).

First thing we did was measure the kitchen and converted to square metres to make sure we bought the right amount of tile packs. We both measure it to be sure we hadn’t make a mistake! If you’re doing this alone then measure it twice!

Half way there!

I cleaned the floor with a degreasing spray and wiped it dry. I also wiped each area as I went along, if you have pugs you’ll know why! Yes all that pug glitter!

The tiles are so easy to lay so once I’d cleaned the floor I just took one out of the box, removed the backing and got sticking, starting in one corner of the room. We originally just planned to cover one part of the kitchen but loved how it looked so much once we’d finished we did the other side too!

We went for a straight floorboard look but herringbone style looks lovely too. Our hall parquet is herringbone which influenced our decision to lay them straight but if we change it in the future and the tiles were bigger I might try it. Anyway, everything is straight forward really and the only fiddly bits are when you get to the end of a row and have to measure and cut (again measure twice!) and if the end of the row was a funny shape, like into an alcove. I wasted a few tiles having to cut again because they were too short and I lost my patience with a few when they were too long (trying to cut a few mm from a tile is a nightmare!) Be sure to include 10% wastage when calculating the number of tiles/packs of tiles you’ll need!

The bulk of the floor was easy to lay but the edges and the fiddly bits probably took the same amount of time as the rest of it! In all it took me around 8 hours which sounds a lot but we saved around £2,000 by doing it ourselves! Plus I love DIY so it was a winner for us!

As well as the cost we also took into consideration how easy the tiles would be to clean, whether they were slippery (for babies and pugs), how hard wearing they’d be and obviously aesthetics. I’m so pleased with the result and would definitely do it again!

If you’re thinking of having a go yourself and have any questions please do get in touch!


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